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Discover what your dashboards are missing

Dashboards are great for monitoring and Signals are perfect for automated discovery. Like peanut butter and jelly they are the perfect combination for your analytical needs.

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Stop missing what matters

Yellowfin Signals deliver personalized and relevant alerts according to user role . They tell you exactly what’s important to YOU.  You won’t be overwhelmed by irrelevant signals.

Yellowfin Signals Automatic Alerts

Discover only what’s important to you

Unlike your dashboards, Yellowfin discovers and sends automatic alerts about critical changes in the business, as they occur. Get early warning signs for Spikes and Drops, Step Changes, Changes in Trend Direction and Volatility, Period Comparisons, New and Lost Attributes.

Yellowfin Signals - Personalized Alerts

Don't take our word for it.

Here is what the analysts had to say. (Hint - it's pretty positive!)

Yellowfin "Exceeds expectations in its augmented BI"

Results from the 2019 Forrester WaveTM evaluation Enterprise Business Intelligence Platforms (Client-Managed) Q3 2019

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Yellowfin named Leader in BI  for AI and ML-enabled analytics

EMA Research Report: Innovation In The Use Of AI And Machine Learning For Business Intelligence


Imagine never missing a thing!  What else is great about Signals?

Reduce time to insight

Radically reduce time to insight

No need to build a report or dashboard to track every possible combination of your data, and then hope you find that critical change.  Just point Signals at your data source and let it do the work for you.

Data Robot

No more analysis fatigue

Humans simply cannot analyse all your data all the time - they simply run out of steam. Machines never get tired of repetitive work. Put Signals to work in your business.

Identify Causes of Change

Identify the causes of change

Knowing something changed is interesting, but knowing what caused it is way better. Overlay related and correlated metrics to help identified causation, allowing you to gain insights and take action faster.

Every signal needs a story

Every signal needs a story

Signals are great but they still need context and a narrative to help explain what action needs to be taken. The Yellowfin Signals package includes Stories for free so you always get the full picture.

Augment your dashboard platform

Augment your Dashboard platform

Signals are a plus 1 to your Dashboards - regardless of vendor.  If you have PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik or anyone else find out how Signals can make your dashboards sing.

Take action on every change in your business, everywhere you are

The Yellowfin mobile app extends your ability to discover, collaborate and act on insights with an experience reimagined for a mobile world.

Yellowfin named in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms 2019. Read More

Yellowfin named in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms 2019. Read More

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