Dashboards that Do
Do more with your dashboards

A Yellowfin dashboard is the best way to visualise data that drives action.

That's because they look great, are easy to use and deliver automated insights. With greater flexibility and functionality that drives action you can do things never before done in a dashboard, helping you do what you do best. 

For Businesses

A better way to monitor and stay on top

Keep your finger on the pulse. Yellowfin dashboards are simple to build, even easier to use. Make the best decisions possible with governed and secure data that the business will trust. 

For Software Developers

Create outstanding data driven customer experiences

Embed our highly flexible Yellowfin dashboard into your software and improve your customer experience by leveraging your data.


Do what you want to do

Yellowfin Dashboards look great out of the box, but with our user friendly design and developer tools, you can easily create highly customised dashboards to suit your specific needs. A free-from dashboard canvas your designers will love enables you to easily assemble creative, on brand infographics and actionable dashboards. And our new code mode, code widgets and content API gives you the freedom to do things in your dashboards that we haven’t even thought of.


AI-powered giving you the power

Yellowfin dashboards analyse themselves with Assisted Insights. Imagine, everything you need to understand what’s behind trends and changes in your data, all within your dashboard. Ask a question and Yellowfin automatically analyzes your data and tells you the answer. 


Trusted, Governed and Secure

Dashboards are only useful if the data is trusted.  Yellowfin leads the industry in enterprise capability.  Your data will be governed, your dashboards secure and your users will trust the data so that they can make better business decisions.


Better Together

We know that the best outcomes happen when people with different skills work together. That’s why we have built collaboration features into our dashboards to enable business users, data analysts, designers and developers to come together and create the best possible dashboard experience. 

Business users can easily sketch and plan out a proposed dashboard using blueprint, drop in simple reports with quick charts and then collaborate with data experts, designers or developers using the activity stream to build out more complex requirements.

Stop building dashboards 
and start creating 
engaging analytic experiences.

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Get a demo of Yellowfin

See the Yellowfin suite in action. 

Get a demo to see how you can use Yellowfin internally to optimize your business or embed it in your own application to add value for your customers.