A day in the life

Software developers

Deliver products that customers will celebrate

Software Developer Journey
Product Planning

Day 1. Product Planning
It’s 90 days before your product goes live. You're already on the path to success, with help along the way.

Day 14. Start integrating UI and authentication
You want greater product stickiness -- you wisely choose to integrate Yellowfin into your application

Integrated UI
Prepare Data

Day 24. Prepare Data
Using Yellowfin Data Prep, you connect, transform, and prepare your data for analysis.

Day 35. Build Dashboards
You use Yellowfin Dashboards to build analytics your customers will sing your praises over.

Activate Signals

Day 55. Enable Signals
You also enable Yellowfin Signals to provide automated discovery -- smart; no one else offers this.

Day 90. Launch
You launch your product. (You were ready 30 days ago, but the Marketing pinheads were late again.)

Launch Party

Day 90. Party
Release party. Customers are thrilled. The launch has been an unqualified success. All is well.

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