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Data plays a critical role in assisting government departments and agencies to streamline operations and boost effectiveness. In the face of rising budget cuts and growing pressure to improve services the need to streamline operations while still working effectively is vital. But, collecting data alone doesn’t give you the insights you needed to make informed decisions, considering that data is often stored in silos.

Yellowfin empowers you to act on your data with real-time analytics that is easy-to-use and secure. From reducing crime rates to creating new policies, Yellowfin will helps you see the story behind the numbers. Track expenditure to more effectively allocate public funds, reduce costs and identify opportunities for innovation. View the big picture by combining data from multiple units or departments on one dashboard. 

Create informed policies, increase transparency and build public trust with visible reporting by Yellowfin.

Government - Yellowfin

"Yellowfin is an extremely powerful, yet easy to develop reporting and analysis tool. Being able to tailor dashboards to the needs of individual departments or business units is excellent."


David Fear
IT Systems Analyst
Taupo District Council
Yellowfin Systems Administrator

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