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YV View Metadata

YF version 7.1 Build 20150922.

We have users (a particular set that are in one particular YF role) that we wish to give access to see YF views and the metadata that makes them up (but not modify them). We do not believe that this is possible ion the base YF product. Please confirm this is not an option - or if it is; what changes would we have to make to enable this. Assuming it is not possible, we would like to create a stored procedure or sql statement that will show the metadata for the YF view that will be able to show either the call to a stored procedure or even just create a DB view of YF view metadata. In other words, the SQL shown on the View SQL tab is what I would like to be able to return back to the developer. I can see the metadata is stored in the ReportView and ReportFieldTemplate table - but was hoping support could provide me a sql statement or set of them depending on type of view, that would return what I am after.