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Yellowfin Webservice Session Expire

Hi Team,

Please clarify the below things:

Using webservice method 'LOGINUSERNOPASSWORD', I got a loginsesssion ID and using this I am able to get the Yellowfin home page (Dashboard page).

But when I reuse the same webservice session ID
i.e: resubmitting the Yellowfin URL with same login session ID, I am getting Yellowfin login page and asking user to enter the credential.

Is webservice session ID will be get expired if we re-use it?

I have seen in Yelowfi forum like, the Javascript API login token can be used more than once.
Ref URL:

But what about webservice login session ID?

Please let us know, how we can reuse the same webservice session ID which is not expired until.

Hi Chandra,

We received the above information that you sent to the support email. We will handle the correspondence through that channel. Once this is resolved, I will update this forum post with the relevant information.

Thank you for your patience,