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YellowFin Calculated Fields/Date Hiearchy/Year

YellowFin 7.1

I have a DATE type field in my mysql table.
In the View Fields I pull in from the Calculated Fields/Date Hiearchy/

Year option and choose my column that has the DATE format as the source field.

Now when I go the the Report Builder and try to create a Metrics Chart report.

I pull in my amount Metrics, and the Year field.

In the Chart tab, I cannot pull in the created Year Dimension or Metric (tried both) saying that it must be Date Format. In the tutorials though they pull in the Year dimension fine. What am I doing wrong.

Side question, whats the best method for getting Year/Month pair.

Thank you

Hi Guest,

Thanks for sending in the question. Could you elaborate on the chart that you are trying to use? Perhaps provide a screenshot our two? Are you able to use this field in any chart or is it just one chart that is causing you problems?

In my opinion, the process you are following to create your date hierarchy calculated field seems pretty accurate... How is your date defined in the view? Is it considered a date or an integer etc?

When I create a date hierarchy field under the same circumstances as you've described the field is available to my charts.

Could you verify the build of Yellowfin you are using? If you are unsure how to do this, could you review the below forum post and send the information our way?

How to Check your current build of Yellowfin

Anyway, lets start here. I look forward to hearing back and helping you get to the bottom of this.

Kind Regards,



Thank you for the reply. Attaching the detail.
Hi Guest,

Thanks for the additional information. I think what you are experiencing is due to how you are using your date hierarchy fields. The date hierarchy metrics are formatted as integers so report writers can use date values in varying ways (i.e to filter by year etc). If you would like to use a date hierarchy calculated field in your meter chart you would need to use one of the dimension fields like Year Start Date formatted in 'yyyy' format. Here is an example:

Drag in the 'Year Start Date' date hierarchy field and link it to your date field (you will notice the field is listed as a 'Date'):

Forum image

Then click the Format tab and format the date to be displayed in 'yyyy' format:

Forum image

Save and activate the field/view and build your report. Drag in your fields. Notice the formatting of the 'Year Start Date' field:

Forum image

You should then be able to use the modified 'Year Start Date' field in your meter chart:

Forum image

Anyway, hopefully this is the information you are looking for. Could you give this a shot to see if you can build your meter chart as expected? Please let us know how it goes. I look forward to hearing back.