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Yellowfin 6.3 versus Java 8


we are still running Yellowfin 6.3 on Java 7
Because Java 7 will not be supported anymore we are forced to upgrade to Java 8.
Is Yellowfin 6.3 compatible with Java 8?

Rinus Jansen
Hi Rinus,

Yellowfin 6.3 is compatible with JRE 8 (I confirmed by updating my JRE to JRE 8_45) Here is a screenshot of my 6.3 environment:

Forum image

When you do upgrade, you will need to ensure that your JRE_HOME path in your (MAC/LINUX/UNIX) or catalina.bat (Windows) file is updated to reflect the new location of JRE 8.

Here is a forum post outlining this process:

Java version 7 to 8 upgrades : how to

If you are using the Yellowfin Windows service you will need to update the Java tab to reflect the new JRE path:

Forum image

Hopefully this information is helpful. Please let me know if you run into problems or have any questions or concerns.

Have a great day!

Kind Regards,


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The Yellowfin Support Team

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