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Why is this simple code not running?


from ody.VHCL_MVS m
inner join ody.VHCL_PLT_HIST p on p.vhc_vhcl_unit_nbr=m.vhcl_vhcl_unit_nbr
where rdy_rnt_agr_nbr = '148685886'
Hi Guest,

I'm sorry to hear you are having difficulties getting your SQL query to execute correctly... Are you having problems getting this syntax to work correctly in Yellowfin? Have you tested this SQL query against back-end database?

I think you may have some syntax errors, specifically on the following lines:

[quote="">from ody.VHCL_MVS m
inner join ody.VHCL_PLT_HIST p on p.vhc_vhcl_unit_nbr=m.vhcl_vhcl_unit_nbr[/quote]

Can you double check the spacing between 'ody.VHCL_MVS' and 'm', the syntax should be from 'ody.VHCL_MVS AS m' and 'inner join ody.VHCL_PLT_HIST AS p'.

I also recommend testing this query without the where clause to troubleshoot the different sections of your syntax one step at a time.

Anyway, hopefully this information is helpful. Have a great day.


Also, are you using Oracle? If so please disregard my previous post!


Hi Guest,

when you say your simple code isn't running, why do you say that? are you getting an error message on the UI, or has the application become unresponsive? Please describe what actually happens when you run your simple code. Also please describe where you are running your simple it a freehand SQL report, or view, virtual table, calculated field, filter query etc?

And if you would like the team at Yellowfin support to review your logs please zip them up and email them to making sure to reference the subject of this forum post.

Another possibility is that the name of the field is mis-typed in the On clause. If you look closely at the code below, you'll see that the first four characters of the p table's field name is 'vhc_' while the first four characters of the m table's field is 'vhcl'. Often linking fields have the same names because they contain the same data.