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What are the crosstab report limits?


I was wondering what is a sensible limit for crosstab reports?

We had one report with about 2000 rows/10 columns, in the result set that would pivot into 90 column headers with 2 Measures in it.

The data was delivered in seconds from the DB, but it took a minute and a half to render the result.

Is there any way to tune the crosstab process?

Hi Ingo,

There is no 'real' amount of sensible data, as different servers process data at different speeds, due to environmental variables.

When creating cross-tab reports, a lot of extra processing is done, as the data is first returned by the SQL statement (which is what you are testing), though the data is then processed and aggregated within Yellowfin itself.
Over the years the developers have done various revisions and fine tuning to help the performance of crosstab report generation, but the basic fact is that crosstab reports are resource intensive and are always going to run slower than regular reports.

It takes a little bit of trial & error to see what your server is able to handle in a reasonable amount of time, and then build your report rules around that.

I hope this info helps, and please let me know if there was anything else you were after.