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Weird Combo Chart Display

I am trying to create an overlay chart. I have 3 values. New which indicate new customer, terminate, which indicate customer who has stopped and net target, which is the no of new customer expected by management.

I created a 2 union sub-query. The struggle I had was initial with the dates. Using date hierarchy month template.The data were not arranged in the correct order. Since the requirement is to show the performance from April , January is meant to be in the following year. I used resorted to using date formatted in MMM,yy format, The data did not group up nicely in the crosstab report.

However, what I am concern about is why, for NET TARGET, the chart onlu pickup from September. The screen shot attached shows data for every month since April to Sept 2015.

Any idea?

Forum image

Forum image
The cross tab reports shows the data as well.

Cross tab report showing New Target data
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