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Web service interface for Role Management

We plan to develop functionality which will help to dynamically create Roles in Yellowfin database , based on certain constraints defined in our Application.

As of Yellowfin 7.1, the only option for Role Management seems to be through SQL updates to be executed directly on Yellowfin configuration database.

We request enhancement to support Web service Interface for Role Management.
This would greatly help to ease our integration effort .

Hello Shiveeta,

I'm not sure if you have seen this information on our Wiki site?

Web Services

Can you also provide any specifics as to what types of interface you would like to see between
Web Service calls and Role Management?

This way we can determine if the functionality may already exist, or if there is outstanding
enhancement requests already in place.

Thank you,



Just to jump in here.
You cannot use web services to control role management, it does need to be done via the UI. I do know there may be ways to control this with direct SQL queries, however that method is not fully supported. But if it's working well in your environment, then go for it.

We do already have an enhancement request to control role management via web services #143425. Unfortunately the task has yet to be allocated so no ETA can be given.
However, this is something that we do plan on doing in the future.