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View setup always returns datasource “Unavailable” regardless of timeout setting

When adding a new Amazon RDS SQL Server data source it connects successfully (and displays the full schema) on the data source menu, but when attempting to create a view it always returns "{datasourcename} is unavailable" after a few minutes of loading time. Extending the timeout has no impact, it doesn't process for longer and still returns the same error. help?
Hello Guest,

Sorry to hear of your current issues. It may be worth taking a look if your RDS security group has been properly configured - you will need to refer back to the AWS troubleshooting documentation. Another suggestion is to download a database tool such as DBVisualizer or SQuirreL, and attempt to connect to your database on AWS with these programs instead of YF, which should demonstrate whether the issue is a Yellowfin issue or not.

If these suggestions do not assist, could you advise what version / build of Yellowfin you are using to try and connect to the AWS data source?

Hope to hear from you soon,

Kind Regards,