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View level field format doesn’t apply to reports

Hi Support,

I changed the format of a field from Text to HTML, but I couldn't see this change in all reports and only one report was changed with expected HTML format.

Reports were created before the change and my purpose was changing field format in all reports through the view change. However, only main report has HTML format and all other co-display and drill through reports have TEXT format.

Could you please let me know this is a knows issue or any other configuration should be done ?


Hi Supun,

When you make changes to a field at the view it doesn't alter fields that are already being used in reports. The changes would only apply to new reports that are built. This is because each report references unique definitions for each field being used.

There is a work around that you can use if you would like but you would have to make changes to your Yellowfin configuration database. This is a multi-step process. Please make sure that you back up your database before attempting this:

1. Determine the fieldID for the field that you are trying to change by running the following SQL query:

[code]SELECT columnname, fieldtemplateid, viewid
FROM reportfieldtemplate
WHERE columnname = '';[/code]

Forum image

Note the fieldtemplateid.

If the field is used in multiple views you can run the following query to determine which specific view contains the field you are interested in:

[code]SELECT *
FROM reportview
WHERE viewid = <'YourViewID'>[/code]

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2. Change the field format to 'com.hof.mi.custom.format.HtmlFormatter' (case sensitive) by running the following SQL query:

[code]UPDATE reportfield
SET customdatatype = 'com.hof.mi.custom.format.HtmlFormatter'
WHERE fieldtemplateid = <'YourFieldTemplateID'>;[/code]

3. Restart your Yellowfin service. If done correctly all of the reports that contain the field will have updated.


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Hopefully this information is helpful. Please let me know how it goes!



Best regards,

The Yellowfin Support Team

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