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View level calculated field not showing up in formula builder


I've created 2 view level calculated fields based on a date that:
1. Shows the Month Name of the date value
2. Shows the Year of the date value

These both work properly in the report when I use them. For example, 09/13/2013, shows:
1. September
2. 2013

But what I want to do is join them together to show:
September 2013

When I try to join them in the calculated field builder at the report level, both of these fields are not in the list.

I have put a check in the Calculations box under Access for each of the new fields.

I am using YF 7.1 build 20150225.

Hi Angelo,

I think I outlined this in the other forum post you submitted regarding this topic:

Month Name Not Working

The easiest solution would just be to format your date column within the report builder selecting 'Other' as the date format and using the following format:

'MMMM yyyy'

Alternatively you could create a report or view level calculated field to use in your report using the following syntax:

concat(MonthName(),' ',Year())

Regarding view level calculated fields being used within report level calculated fields, there currently is an open task for this:

Task ID #156306

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. But hopefully you have enough information between these two forum posts for an alternative solution.

Please let me know if you need further information. Have a great day!