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View Export break’s, if i have complex DB View in it

Hi YF,
I have a little complex database view which internally calls DB function to compute some logic, If such a view i try to export it either crashes the tomcat server or runs out of Java memory exception.

It seems like every time i try to export the view it is trying to parse or trying to run the query on the data-source and throws ran out of memory exception.

is there way to stop the view from running on the data-source at the time of exporting.

I have attached the catalina log file for reference


Hi Srikanth.J,

Sorry to hear that you are running into to some issues while exporting your complex view. Can you please respond to the following questions?

- Are you exporting the View independently of any reports, dashboards, etc?
- Have you attempted to increase your JVM Max Memory? See this Forum post for details.
- Which version and build of YF are you currently using? E.g. 7.1, 20150922?

Please let us know and we will continue to look at this problem for you.

Thank you,


Hi Kyle,
Thanks for the reply , the yellow fin version which we are using is 6.2, and yes i have made all attempts to increase JVM max memory to almost 3gb still it was breaking. This export is just a normal Yellow fin view, which is not part of any dashboard.

Though there are two reports which are derived from this view, i did not make them part of the export process which i was trying to make.

Additionally these i tried to do the following
1) Thinking that the YF view is trying run on my data source which might make the export process very heavy, i made the my DB View to return dummy values.
2) After this change, i restarted the Tomcat service and tried export it again.
3) But still i was having the same problem.


Hello Srikanth.J,

Thank you for getting back to me.

Unfortunately, version 6.2 is no longer supported. We would recommend that you upgrade your
instance to 6.3 or above and try this again. If you encounter the same issue, send the entire YF log
file through to our support email ( and reference the subject line of this post.

Also, when you are exporting a view it should not be querying the data source, so this shouldn't be
part of the issue.

Thank you,