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Using Count Distinct with Numeric Display Chart Type

We are using YF 7.1.

I am trying to make a series of numeric display charts within one report in order to combine them on the output page to create a report with headline numbers for different categories.

One of the data points I am trying to capture is the number of countries that are using our product. I added the country field to my report and then aggregated it using count distinct (I have also tried it by creating a calculated field as well). When I use the aggregated count distinct of country field in the numeric display chart a value of 1 appears.

We thought we fixed this problem by creating a calculated field within the view that I then used for the report. This process worked fine...UNTIL...

We cached this view, and now the view will no longer work for us if the calculated field with the count distinct of country is included in the view.

So we are back to square one with struggling how to report out the number of countries using the numeric display chart type.

Please help. This is becoming very frustrating because it should be a very very simple thing to do.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, hopefully I can help you out.

You are correct, this report should be easy - given what you have told me I would say you shouldn't have to use a calculated field.
Are you able to send me a screenshot of your report with the "Country" field added? I'll need two screenshots - one with the field set to aggregated count distinct and one with no aggregation.

I suspect something funny is happening with the caching issue, I've had another report of this and we are currently looking into it. Can you tell me how you are caching your data? What method?

What is your build number? You can find this by going to /info.jsp on your Yellowfin installation.

I've subscribed to this thread and will get back to you quickly once you have given me the additional data.

Keep me posted.