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What is the VALIDATEUSER used for?

I am trying to validate a newly created user but I get the error 25 (COULD_NOT_AUTHENTICATE_USER). But the user is in the system and can login.

Hi There,

Regarding VALIDATEUSER this is what our wiki has to say:

This function will validate a specified Yellowfin user, checking if the user currently exists within the application. The details in the Administration Person object will be used in the user validation process.

It's hard to say why that specific error is occurring without taking a finer look at your syntax and knowing a bit more about your particular Yellowfin environment.

Do you think you could let us know a few things?

1. Which version/build of Yellowfin are you using?

2. Could you provide us an example of the VALIDATEUSER syntax that you are using?

3. Are you able to validate other users?

4. Does your environment use LDAP?

5. Could you please send us in your Yellowfin logs? Just zip up and attach the entire logs folder found at /appserver/logs .

If you prefer, you could zip up all of this information and send an email to which will open a case in our CRM (we try to reserve the forum for general questions and how-to's). If you choose this route, just cite the forum subject and URL in the email that you submit.

Anyway, lets start there. Thanks in advance in gathering all of this information and we hope to help you get to the bottom of this issue soon.

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