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Unable to create calculated fields with big data

Hello, I have a problem with calculation. "Calculated fields" does't work with big data ("sum" and "count distinct")

-Error retrieving results
An error occurred retrieving the results from the database.

When I limit data in yellowfin filter (just 2-3 month instead 1 year) it works ok.
But no problem if I take the same field and aggregate it (sum and count distinct) in columns without any limitation.
Hello Lana,

When you say big data, how many rows are you referring to? Are you using the 'simple' Formula Type?

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What version and build of YF are you using? E.g. 7.1, Nov?
Can you please replicate this error and then send in all of your YF log files?

This should provide additional information on why this is errroring out.

Thank you,


- If you would prefer to send your logs in via the support email, just send be sure to reference the subject of this Forum post.
Thanks for your answer,

I am using 'simple' Formula

Sum(value1)/count(distinct value2)/60

for more than 20118596 rows

YF 7.1 Build: 20150922

I've send log file by email.