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Unable to configure Oracle AWS RDS instance

I am using AWS Oracle RDS and trying to create a DB connection. The options I select to create a connection are as follows
Access Level: Secure
Connection Method: JDBC
Authentication: Standard Authentication
Database: Amazon RDS
RDS Engne: Oracle
Include schema in SQL: (Checked)
Connection Method:SID
Host:(AWS Endpoint for RDS Instance)
Port: 1521
USER NAME: *****
Password: *****
when I click on the "Test Connection" I get the following message connect timed out

Please help!
Hello Guest.

I believe you may have submitted this as a ticket too - I've included that reply below:

Hope you are well.

" connect timed out" can happen if Yellowfin is unable to connect to your instance. In this case I suspect that you need to adjust your RDS Security group configuration.
It's likely that the machine you have Yellowfin running on does not have appropriate permissions to connect to the RDS instance.

Please read about RDS Security groups here:

For help configuring your RDS Security group see here:

You will need to make sure you explicitly allow your Yellowfin server to access your RDS instance via security groups.

Keep me posted and let me know if this does not solve your issue.
We can get this sorted out as soon as possible, I'm sure. :-)