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Translation process


I�m using the multi-language feature of YF, but I�m facing some difficulties for which I�d like your help.

1 - My native language is 'portuguese' and I�m translating the reports to other 2 languages (English and Spanish). My doubt is: when choosing the languages I must include only english and spanish or I need also to include Portuguese (the native language) as a third language?

2 - Is there any way to clean all translations already made? Even if I disable the multi-language resource, when I export a panel or reports the .xml generated continues including the translated terms.

3 - In some reports, a field created as a advanced function and used as a filter is not been included to be translated, even if I create the translation .csv to this specific report. How to 'force' the report to include all expressions to be translated?

Thanks in advanced

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Sorry to hear you're having issues understanding how YF translation works in Yellowfin. In regards to your problems;

1. The translation file will only include languages set under your translation settings.
So just ensure English is not in your list, and it won't show on the translation file.

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Note: If you do not put a value in the related language column, it simply would not translate that column, and it will show the column without being translated.
The following wiki article also provides some more info on this : Content Translation

2. The only way would be to clear the table 'TranslationText' in the Yellowfin DB where the translations are stored. This can only be done by directly modifying the YF DB.
delete from TranslationText

3. I can confirm that in Yellowfin 7.1 July release, if you were to create a column and apply an advanced function the column is listed in the export file. However if you then try to drag this field into the filter it will not work and does not add to the filter box.
Can you please provide some screenshots so I can see what you're doing and try to replicate it here in the office to get a better understanding.

Please let me know if I have missed anything.