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There is some problem with YF language export in version 7.1 of YF (Create a Translation File) � Unicode characters not exported properly. If I use Management studio it shows properly but Not from exported csv file.

Can you please provide some solution for this.

For more details please find the attached screen shots -
1. exported CSV

Forum image

2. Data from SQL Mgmt Studio from reporting DB

Forum image

Forum image

Note : We are trying to export data in Arabic language.

Mansi Sharma.
Hello Mansi,

Thank you for posting this on the forum. Unfortunately your screenshots didn't come through. Are you able
try this again?

Also, can you let us know what build of 7.1 you are on?

Thank you,


Hi Kyle,

I have attached screen shots in above thread.

We are on following build -

Application Version: 7.1
Build: 20140923

Mansi Sharma.
Hello Mansi,

I've tested this in my instance and unfortunately I haven't been able to replicate. Can you tell me which settings you are
using from the screenshot below?

Forum image

Thank you,

Hi Mansi,

Also, I overlooked the build you are on. I guess I thought it was 2015. You should definitely consider upgrading your build as this very well may fix your issue.

Thank you,


Thanks Kyle.

I'll try as you suggested.
Hi Kyle,
Thanks for the reply we are ready to upgrade our current YF 7.1 to the next version, but for which we need few details from you

1) What is next stable version available above 7.1

2) Since we have all our Reports/Views/User/Roles/Dashboards defined in our current version's (7.1) Database how big a change will it be to upgrade all this information into the newer version

3) Do you have tool or some procedures defined in the YF DB to facilitate these changes into the newer version. Other than the standard YF export and import methodologies

Hi Srikanth,

Hope you've been well !

1) 7.2 is our latest version.
It was just released a few days ago.
We consider all of our releases to be stable, so it's hard to comment on the 'most' stable.

2) When you perform an upgrade install all existing content should remain unchanged.
However, you will get the new features from the new release.

3) You should not need to perform any imports/exports for an upgrade, you just run the upgrade installer and YF upgrades.

Some important notes when upgrading YF.

1. An upgrade to a major release, e.g. 7.1 > 7.2. should be tested first on a dev/test environment.

2. You need to backup your YF DB and directory prior to the upgrade

3. You need to test commonly used content post upgrade to ensure all is working as expected, just to be on the safe side.

More information on performing an upgrade can be found here:

Please let me know if you have any more questions on this.