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Text in calculated field


I am trying to follow your Union subquery video and apply it to my own data set.

I put label in the title, I put "Sales", without the quotes in the value, and when I click validate, I get the following:

This type cannot be displayed.

Any ideas why I cannot put in text into the data value?

Using YF 7.1
Hello Guest,

This is a bit odd. Which build of 7.1 are you using? E.g. 20150828? Can you provide a screenshot of the error
showing within the Calculated Field?

Forum image

Thank you,

My build is: 20141128

I've attached a screen shot to this post.

trying to attach an image...but it won't display.

While I'm working on this, the situation is weird, because if I use the Ski Lodge data set, I CAN create a calculated field with a text value, but if I switch to a different data set, using the same YF instance, I cannot create the calculated field.
Hi Guest,

I think we'll definitely need some screenshots to see how your report is built and how you are trying
to create the calculated field, etc.

Are you able to send in this issue via our support email ( ) and include more details. This will
also allow us to tie your query to your organization. Just be sure to use the subject line of this Forum when you
send it in.

Lastly, it wouldn't hurt to upgrade your build of YF as you are quite far behind and are missing out on many
enhancement implementations and bug fixes.

Thank you,

Thanks Kyle,

Email sent.

Updating post -

This was identified as a possible defect related to trying to create a text label field in the calculated field box, when your
report is using Postgres as a data base. It has been moved along to the Dev team for review w/task id #205937.