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Suppress Yellowfin’s IE11 Compatibility warning


We have embedded Yellowfin into our OEM product - which currently still requires IE7 Compatibility Mode to be active.

However this results in a browser incompatibility warning from Yellowfin each time they access a dashboard.

Our experience is the same as described in this thread:

We find that compatibility warning are shown only a single time for users on IE10, but everytime for users on IE11. We find there is no reduction in Yellowfin functionality despite the warning.

Is there a way to permanently suppress this warning?
Hi Peter,

At present, if your IE browser is in Compatibility Mode, Yellowfin will display the Compatibility Mode warning, which can't be suppressed without switching Compatibility Mode off.

Code was introduced into Yellowfin versions 7.0 and above which will attempt to " force " the browser out of Compatibility Mode to enable full functionality, however it may still generate the CM warning.

Let me know if you have any further questions on this.

Kind Regards,

Hi Danny. Thank you for your reply.

Since we're embedding Yellowfin into our product, we're unable to switch CM mode off. This will continue to be the case for at least another year until our next release.

Yellowfin's CM warning is providing an extremely poor user experience. Given our clients are paying for a Yellowfin licence, and that Yellowfin encourage integration into OEM products like ours, I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for a method to suppress the YF CM warning.

Could you investigate if there are other methods to suppress this warning? Or add an item to your dev backlog to add one?
Hi Peter,

I have added an Enhancement Request # 200034 to request an option to suppress the IE CM warnings, if CM is detected as active within an IE browser.

As YF should force your IE browser out of CM, we're interested to find out why this is occurring for you - could you run the following script in your browser:


where is the hostname/URL of your YF instance, and the port number.

and send the results through to , referencing this Forum Post, and including your Yellowfin version and build number ( found through the Administration > System Information screen within YF )

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind Regards,

Logged as Support Case ID# 200077
Hi Peter,

Thanks for your email, we'll take a look at your info soon.

Kind Regards,

Hi Danny. I haven't had any response by email or in this thread. Is this still being looked at?
Hi Danny. I haven't had any response by email or in this thread. Is this still being looked at?
Hi Peter,

Just following up as Danny is currently out of the office. I'm responding to the case (200077) now via our CRM and we should keep all future correspondence within that thread.

Thank you,