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Support for Tiered Client Organizations

We have a number of levels inside of our organization. Corporate, Regional Directors, Territory managers and site owners. Corporate needs to be able to see sales rollups for everyone, Regional directors need rollups for their territories, but should not be able to see information from outside of their territory. Territory managers need access to their site owners, etc. It is very important that the data stay siloed.

We've looked at Client Organizations, which is very close to what we're after, except that it appears to be limited to two tiers.

Any thoughts about extending Client Organizations to be N-Tiered instead of two? Is there a different way we could work around this issue?
Hello Guest,

Thank you for posting your question on the forum.

There is preliminary talk about adding the functionality of tiered client organization in a future iteration of the product. However, there is presently not ETA on when this might come to fruition.

I'd suggest that you consider using a combination of source access filters, restricted content categories and user groups. You should be able to allow users to certain reports and data sets this way, just as if you had a multi tier structure.

I have attached the appropriate links from our Wiki for your reference.

Source Access Filters

Content Categories

User Groups

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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