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SQL Server Schemas

Our DataWarehouse has over 300 fact and dimension tables with in it. To categorize these tables we put them into schemas named for the subject matter they reference.

Is there a way to show the schema names when building a view?

Also, is there a way to detect the relationships to dimension tables via foreign keys? When I choose the option to autodetect it doesn't find them because the key in one table might be ProjectStartCalendarKey and in the dimension it would be CalendarKey (my best guess)

The sys.foreign_keys system view in MS SQL would find the foreign key.

Alternatively, INFORMATION_SCHEMA.REFERENTIAL_CONSTRAINTS could be used to find foreign keys.

Either would speed up situations where I have a fact table with 8+ related dimensions (some being roleplay dimensions).
Hello Guest,

Sorry to report that Yellowfin presently doesn't support display of schema names when building views, or detecting relationships to dimension tables via foreign keys.

These may be considered by our development team for a future release beyond YF 7.2.

Kind Regards,