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Sorting in “Cross-tab” report


In a line chart report, we are able to sort results displayed on the x-axis (Ascending/Descending) when the data output is row/column based.

But, when we try to do the same in CROSS-TAB report, sorting is not working.

Following is the screenshot for the same:

Forum image

Kindly let us know if we are missing any option to get the sorting in crosstab.

Hi Prakeet,

Unfortunately this is another one you wont be able to do.
It's due to the nature of cross tab reports. Please read more here:

For help arranging cross tabs, read here:

Kind Regards,
Please note that the link mentioned in the prior comment by Cadell no longer exists.
For help arranging cross tabs, read here:
Also would like to reiterate what seems as a common interest amongst YF users for crosstab reports to sort more easily.