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Restrict/Set the Filter values


We have filter (DATE) in our Dashboard with multiple selections (screen shot below) and now instead of selecting all values, is there any option/settings to restrict/set those multiple selection to 3 values. Once we restrict those values and it should not select more than 3 values.

Find the screenshot below of the same:

Forum image

Kindly let me know if i'm missing any settings.

Thanks and regards,

Prateek Arora
Hi Prakeet,

Thanks for the email.

Unfortunately when using the Value list selection like you have above, it will always allow you to select as many as you want.
However, you can work around this by creating 3 separate date filters with the comparator set to "Equal To".
Obviously this isn't ideal, however it's the only way to limit the selection to just 3 items.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

All the best,