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Report’s owner doesn’t have rights to edit the report!

Dear Support,
we are experiencing some issues with some reports in our system.

We can't access some reports anymore, here the screenshot:

Forum image

We get an error "YOu do not have sufficient rights to edit the selected report".
The person who is trying to access it is the same that created the report on the system, and it's the one who last modified it.

As you can see from the screenshot, we don't have any button to interact with the report (Edit, Delete, Edit Metadata), as it happens with other reports.

The Report is in Draft mode, but this doesn't look as an issue as we have other draft reports that can be edited:

Forum image

The View on which the report is based is active.

Any idea on how to get access to the report again?
The same issue happened quite often with other reports.

Hello Francesca,

Sorry to see that you are experiencing this issue. We will need to gather some more information from you in
order to investigate why this is happening.

- Which version and build of YF are you currently using? E.g. 7.1, March?
- Could you please check the security settings on the Sub-Category that the report was saved into? If it is configured
for 'Access Security Level Required' then please confirm that you are one of the users that is allowed access, and the report creator is also one.
- Is it also possible to send across the contents of the ReportGroup table for the specific report that
you getting the error message on?

Please let us know.


Hi Kyle,
we are using Application Version: 7.1, Build: 20150225

Security TYpe on the folder is "User Must login", both me and the report creator have access to the folder (read, edit and delete).

COuld you please help me to get the ReportGroup Table information on the report? Not sure on what joins I have to perform to get the right information!


Hi Francesca,

Thank you for getting back to us. I have included a link to our Forum that has some additional details
about the issue you are facing. Please take note of the work around provided as well as how to obtain
the ReportGroup table.

Access Rights

Please let us know how this all goes.

Thank you,

Hi Kyle,
thanks for your help.

Please find attached the ReportHeader table content for the report.

Please note we experienced the same issue with few other reports, and because we were not able ti edit them we had to create them again.

Hi Francesca,

Sorry for the delay on getting back to you on this one. I have reached out to my team
for assistance and am still holding for some feedback. I'm hoping to have some useful
info for you soon.




Hi Francesca,

Apologizes again for the delay in this matter. I have reached out to the level II team
and am hoping to hear something soon.

In the interim, can you confirm that you are still experiencing this issue with new

Are you still on the old build, February? If so, is it possible for you to upgrade
to the latest build and re-test this?

Thank you very much,


Hi Francesca,

I did receive some feedback from the level II / Dev team on this Forum post. They believe this issue
was fixed in the June release and are hoping that you can upgrade your instance and test. We are hoping
that this is possible for you.

Please let us know.

Thank you,