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Report thumbnail and Report list as a default page


Is there any way how to change thumbnail of displayed report on the Browse page? Generated thumbnail does not suit to me...

And another question, is possible to set report Browser page as a initial page after user login? I do not want the user to see empty Dashboard page...

Thanks for answers! :)

Hello Petr,

If I understand your first question, you can change how your Browse page displays by hitting the drop down arrow under Layout on the right side of the browse page.

Forum image

It is also possible to set your users initial loading page to be the browse page by going to System Admin

Forum image

I hope this all helps but if not, please let us know.

Thank you,


Hello kyle,

thanks for your answer, but what about my first question? (thumbnail of displayed report)
Is there any way?

Thanks, Petr.
Hello Petr,

Looks like I misunderstood your first query, apologizes for that. Sounds as if you wish to control
what is shown on the thumbnail for the report on the browse page?? If so, there is presently
no way to do that. Please let me know if there is anything on this query that I can assist you with.