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Report Not found Error

Hi Team,

When we reviewed the logs found below error repeatedly in the catalina logs for different reportIds. When we checked the metadata , reports are either deleted or archived:

"ERROR (MIReportCSSAction:execute) - Report not found. reportId = 590209"

Please let us know on the reason for this error and steps to be taken to resolve this.

We have also seen that when a user deletes a report, associated broadcasts doesn't get deleted.

We still see failed broadcasts in logs trying to find that report leading to an error.

Appreciate your response for this.



Hi Suneetha,

Can you let us know which version and build of YF you are experiencing this in? I know that in the past there was a defect
surrounding broadcasts involving deleted reports. This was since fixed.

In regards to your first issue, I'm still looking into this and will get back to you.

Thank you,

Hi Kyle,

We are using Yellowfin 7.1 20150225 Build


Hello Suneetha,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this, I was awaiting some feedback.

By upgrading your instance you should no longer see Broadcasts schedules still intact on reports that have
been deleted.

As far as the 'Error' message in the catalina logs we are thinking that is actually related to Broadcasts not being
deleted properly. Are you able to upgrade your instance and test this and let us know the results??

Thank you,