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Remove Filter For a single column in a report

Hi Team,

Is there any option available in Yellowfin report creation to avoid filter for a single field.

For example, in my report I am displaying five fields. I am using date range as a filter.
From those five fields, I need to avoid filtering for one field only. How can I achieve that?

Please provide your suggestion on it.

Hi Team,

For my above case, I am giving some example to you.

I have three column in my SQL query and date field (Date Range) as a filter for this.
Each select column will give some count value.

This 'Date' filter has to apply for two columns only. It should not applicable to one column and it should get the count of all.

How can I achieve this?

While run a Yelowfin report, that time only 'Filter' (ie: date range) is applying in SQL query. I don't know how I can exclude it particularly for one column.

Please help me on resolve this issue.

Hi Team,

My Yellowfin version is : 7.1
Build version is: 20150325
Tomcat server.

Could you please provide your comment on this issue. If you want any other details, please let us know.

Hi Chandra,

Sorry for the delayed response, we have been quite busy lately.

Do you think that you could send an example of your current SQL that you are using so that we can take a look and offer suggestions?

Also, I am having a bit of a hard time understanding what you are trying to accomplish.

From my understanding of your post you would like to take 3 columns (x, y, z) and filter y and z without effecting x. The only problem is, for every row of y and z that is filtered, x will also be filtered. I'm pretty sure you can't get around this.

Could you clarify further if I am misunderstanding?

Kind Regards,


Best regards,

The Yellowfin Support Team

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Hi Dustin,

Thank you for your support.

Yes, your understanding is correct. I understand this will not be possible.
Just I like to confirm is there any settings to avoid filter for a particular column in a row or not. Your comments clarified this.

Thank You...!