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Release 20150828, linked filters not working


This morning I updated YF 7.1 version to latest release and linked filters on all reports are not working anymore, giving an error. I had to rollback version.

There is something new to configure with new release?

Thanks in advance,
Hi Roque,

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue after upgrading to the latest release of 7.1 -

Can you please let us know which version and build of YF you were upgrading from?
Are these filters report level filters or view level filters?

Please let us know and we can look into this further for you.

Thank you,


Hi Kyle!

Thanks for your fast response.

I am upgrading from YF 7.1 Build 20150528. Filters are at report level filters, and is failing only on reports using linked filters. I couldn�t be able to see the SQL, so I guess the problem could be at SQL syntax or something similar, once I made the rollback everything keeps working fine.

If you are not able to reproduce the problem, I can re-install the upgrade, check if same issue and give you access to my customer environment.

Thanks a lot!
Hi Roque,

I've been able to replicate your issue and have escalated it to our development team.

It appears that on Yellowfin 7.1 20150825, reports with ADVANCED SUBQUERIES when combined with LINKED FILTERS causes errors.

I'm hoping to have an update on this in the next day for so.

Please let me know if you have any additional info that may help out our team.

Thanks for reporting this Roque.

Kind Regards,
Hi Cadell,

You are right, my reports are using Advanced Subqueries. Good to know that you were able to reproduce the problem.

No further details from my side.

Kind Regards,
Thanks for the update.

Our Dev team is working on a patch today, hopefully it should be ready this week.
I will post an update once I know more.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Kind Regards,
An updated patch is now available for download from the client downloads section of our website.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

Kind Regards,
Thanks Cadell for the swiftness on this issue, I�ll be implementing this week the new patch.

Thanks a lot.

Kind Regards,
No Problem Roque.
Glad I could help.

Kind Regards,