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Refreshing report. Please wait…-very long wait


I currently working on YellowFin 7.1, most recent release.

When I am building a report with multiple columns, or removing columns from a reports even a simple task as name change can take a lot of time,
after every action the report / preview pane freezes up for 2-4 Minutes.

Even with Auto Refresh turned off, after every action I have to wait for the "Refreshing report. Please wait..." to pop up so that I can try and cancel it (or wait for it to complete).

This can really slow down report development for users, who needs to wait a few seconds after every action.

I use Chrome browser but I tested in other browsers and it seems to work the same.
It happens with or without filters

Is there any configuration setting to disable this live view of the report? At least until the end, when I can manually hit Refresh Report to see the data / table structure?

Hi Tal,

Thanks for getting in touch, I'd be glad to help you out with this.
I'm going to need a bit more info to help diagnose this problem.

The first thing I would recommend you do is go to "Administration" > "Content Settings" > "Builder Settings".
Here you can disable "Report Data Preview" and "Chart Data Preview" then click "Save". This should help speed up your report building for now.

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Next, a few questions:
1. Do you have the example "ski team" view installed?
2. Is this slowness a new problem or has it been happening since install?
3. Is Yellowfin running on your local machine or is it running on a server?
3a. If Yellowfin is running on a server, does the server run any other services?
4. Please provide the CPU and RAM specs for the Yellowfin server.
5. What type of database are you connecting to for your view and is the database "live"?

Keep me posted Tal and we will see if we can speed it up a bit for you!

Kind Regards,