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Refresh a view behind the subquery

Hi !

I have done a great report where I use subqueries from 3 different views.

Then I needed to add a new field to a view, used in subquery.

After the change, When I start to create new report I see new field but when I edit subqueries of my report, new field is missing from view??

How can I refresh my subquery-report to use lates view so I could add new field to a report

Hi Andy,

Sorry to hear you are running into problems getting a field to appear in one of your sub queries after adding it to your view.

Do you think that you could let us know what version/build of Yellowfin you are using? To check the build of Yellowfin you are using go to System Information under Administration > Admin Console > System Information. The version of Yellowfin is listed next to Application Version.

I'm going to go ahead and start testing this in the most recent build of Yellowfin (7.1 20150729) but it would be useful to know which version you are on as well to see if upgrading might solve the problem you are experiencing.

We look forward to hearing back.


Hi Andy,

Just a heads up, I tested this in my version/build and the field was immediately available to the sub query in my report.

This may be something that you can resolve simply by upgrading. Please let me know what you think.

Have a great day!


Thanks, it seems that latest update helped (at least in test environment)
Next step is to to update also prod-environments. If problem still exists i let you know.

And version where this problem was found was:

Application Version: 7.1
Build: 20150624


New objects in View not shown in Views behind the subqueries :(

Application Version: 7.1
Build: 20150902
Hi Andy,

I'm sorry to hear that upgrading your production environment didn't yield the results you were hoping for.

Do you think that you could attach some screenshots demonstrating what you are describing? They would be useful in further troubleshooting this issue.

Thanks in advance!

Kind Regards,