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Problem in using Sections and charts

We are using Yellowfin 7.1 build 20150325.

When i create a report with charts and sections, the section totals looks very bad, i.e. section totals squeezes and tab names squeezes and report doesn't look good.
Even without section header, tabs names gets squeezed. Did i miss some setting or it working as per design?
Issue 1: Section header with out charts: header get extended till the table beneath.

Forum image

Issue 2: Section header with Chart: Header and tabs gets squeezed

Forum image

Issue 3: Section tabs with Chart: tabs gets squeezed.

Forum image

I have found the same issues with the version that I am running. Particularly Issue 3

Application Version: 7.1
Build: 20150617
Java Version: 1.8.0_45
Operating System: Windows Server 2012 6.2 (amd64)


Just further on this I have noticed with "Issue 3" that if you display the table using the "Table On/Off" it seems to display the section tabs correctly.

The problem only occurs when the table on the report output is hidden.