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Predefined date range control


Could this please be looked at as a feature request / fix

When using a timestamp field as the source for a pre-defined date range filter (Using the Custom Date Range option) the control displays the MM:HH:SS (of the current time) in both the start and end date and this is very cumbersome to change when all you�re really after is anything from X date to Y date.
I appreciate that we could modify the timestamp field format to be only the date element but we then lose the other predefined ranges of Last X hours which we find very useful.

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Looking at the available date filter periods I can see �Custom � Between Date� and �Custom � Single Date�
But I don�t see an option for �Custom � Between Date / Time�

Would it be possible to add a �Custom � Between Date/Time� option that would then cause the predefined date range control to behave as it does now i.e. display both the date and the time.
And for the behaviour of �Custom � Between Date� selection to change such that it only displays a start date and end date (with no time)

Alternatively it would be to leave these settings as they are but allow whether or not the time element of the filter control is displayed or not within the formatting of each report (or be able to define default start & end times as 00:00:00 / 23:59:59 so the users don�t have to manually edit these each time they run the report.

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Application Version: 7.1
Build: 20150501

Good Morning Stelios,

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I have logged this as an enhancement request and passed it to our Dev team As soon as we have received any update I will be able to come back to you.

If you do have any further questions please feel free to contact us.