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Performance Issue with group By reports


I am facing performance issue with Group By reports. Reporting Displaying takes long time if number of groups/data are more like(1300 groups and 8200 records) or (15 groups and 80000 records) .
Query execution is pretty fast. But displaying Data on browser taking long time if number of groups/data are more. If I remove the group from group by sections, then its displaying in seconds

IE and FireFox are taking very long time than chrome and hangs the reports. For somecases, in IE browser,the sub reports stays in processing mode even after displaying the data and also the tabs are not clickable then.

How do I configure the number of rows per page for Group By reports or is there any other way to configure to get it fast.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks & Regards
Hello Jhansi,

Although the performance issues may be something to do with how the report is set up, have you checked your memory settings as per this Forum Post?
Suggestion is to increase max memory to 1024 Mb, if not set to that already.

Let me know if the issues are continuing, and I'll assist further.

Kind Regards,

Hi Danny,

Thanks for the Information. Below are our memory settings:
JVM max memory: 7.1 GB
Otherwise, from: appserver/bin/
JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -XX:PermSize=64m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m"
Do we need change the Xmx option to 1024m?

Thanks & Regards