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Passing User Prompt Values to Report Titles


I am using YF 7.1, and would like to display a reports filter values at all times while the report is in a portlet on a dashboard, as opposed to having the user manually display the filters via the portlet drop-down menu per the attached screenshot. Is this possible?

Thank you,

Hi Steve,

I've had a look at this for you and unfortunately it is not possible to display
the filter values at all times on the dashboard.

As you probably know, you can have the option to display the user prompt filters
next to the report, and this would reflect which values are actually being used, but it
sounds like this probably isn't the format you are looking for.

Forum image


Hi Kyle,

+1 to the alternative on show the prompt selected always visible.
Something great would be have the option to show a filter value as part of a column name, or have the ability to add the prompt value as part of a text when multiple charts are in place in the canvas.

Many thanks!