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Partial In-correct values while using Advanced Analytic Functions


We used Advanced Analytic Function "Delta from Last" and got the output as follows:

Forum image

Our desired output should have 0% in 4th & 6th columns like in 2nd column as highlighted below:

Forum image

How do we get such result?

Kindly let us know if we are missing any option to get the same.

Thanks & Regards,
Hi Prateek,

Very very sorry for the delayed response on this, seems this post flew under the radar.
We are making some pretty major changes early 2016 to address this problem.

However, in terms of your reporting issue, I'm not able to replicate your issue, and wondering what the RAW data of the report looks like.
This is data across the included rows/columns before any aggregation is done.
You can always change the name of the dimensions if the data is sensitive.

I can then create a similar table in my DB and try to replicate your issue, which will allow me to raise to the dev team.

My hunch with your issue is that there is data there that is not displaying do to an aggregation.

Is it possible to see how the raw data looks and report builder set up?