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Ordering of filters in stored procedure view reports


I am trying to create the reports using stored procedure view, which have 8 filters in it.

I have to create 12 reports using same stored procedure view in a dashboard, It seems filters are displaying in random order for each report even though it's a same procedure.

For ex:Date From is coming one place and Date To is coming in another place.

The filter order in the view does not match with the order in the report.

How can I change the filter order in the stored Procedure view report.

Hello Jhansi,

Apologizes for the delay in responding to you on this question. Interestingly enough,
this question was just submitted by another client yesterday as well.

We've been aware of the random sorting of filters from a stored procedure for some time, which appears to have been part of the initial design in Yellowfin.

An Enhancement Request # 103920 was lodged some time ago to allow filter sorting, however this hasn't reached the attention of the Development team as yet.

If you require any clarification on this, please let me know.

Thank you,