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Not filling up of filter values for 2nd User


We have created one Source Filter (LM_CLIENT) for two different users (CL001 & CL002) and we are linking it to our View level filters, as shown below:

Forum image

The corresponding column in our HANA database has values for two different users as mentioned below:

CL001 have values only from Location L001 to L700
CL002 have values only from Location L701 to L999

We have our View level filter Location & Date Filter (Here Date Filter is dependent on this Locations),as shown below:

Forum image

Now the thing is, whenever we login as USER1, we are able to see the values in both the filters (Location and Dates),as shown below:

Forum image

And when we login as my second user (USER2), filter values for the Date filter (Dependent on Location Filter) is not filling Automatically, as shown below:

Forum image

Once after we select the Location Value or Click on the Go Button then only the Date values are filling to my Second Filter, as mentioned below:

Forum image

Kindly let us known if we are missing any settings,

Thanks and regards,
Prateek Arora