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new field names issue


Version: 7.1

I am wanting to export my existing reports from an old data source to a new one. The data sources will have all the same underlying data, BUT the field names have changed between the two sources.

For example,

old data source field name: first_name
new data source field name: firstname

My issue would be that when I move my reports from one system to another, the reports will crash as they are looking for the old field and not the new one.

Is there a way to alias the fields in the new data source to the old field names? I can't do it at the database and want to do it in Yellowfin.

Hi Guest,

There is no way to alias a field name in the view to reference a different field name. This would have to occur at the database level...

But! You could edit the .XML export file, press CTRL + F to find, replace all of the occurrences of 'first_name' with 'firstname', and then save and import the .XML file.

Keep in mind, this is assuming the new data source database name and table names are exactly the same as they were in the old database. If not, you would need to update that information as well.

Please let me know if this information has been helpful. I look forward to hearing back!

Kind Regards,

Thank you very much Dustin. I'll give this a try and let you know. Super excited to try this and not recreate a possible 300 reports.