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Multiple LDAP Groups


Is it possible to have multiple LDAP groups used for authentication or are we limited to just one?


Hey Jason,

If you mean the LDAP Group field on the LDAP configuration page then you can only have one group there with the possibility of nested groups being allowed. If you mean mapping multiple LDAP Groups across the YF Groups then it's possible;

LDAP Groups

Let us know if you have further questions regarding this.

Thank you,



Do you have details on providing access to a user in a cross-forest environment?

Can you provide more details on the nested groups feature?

When you say mapping multiple LDAP groups across the YF groups, is this in reference to authentication?

We are trying to provide a user in a cross-forest environment with 2-way trust access to yellowfin using their company credentials, similar to the way we have our internal users setup, but are having trouble.

Please advise when you have a moment, thanks.

Moe D.
Hi Moe D,

I've reached out to our level II / Dev team for assistance in obtaining some answers for
you on your followup questions.

Once I hear back, I will update this post accordingly.

Thank you,


Hello Moe D.

I did get some more information from our senior level team.

YF is not set up to handle 'cross-forest' authentication. Apparently we do have some clients who have integrated a 'work-around' by setting up a sort of relay LDAP server that connects to their other LDAP servers across their domains. This 'work-around' is done at the LDAP server level, rather than at the YF application level.

Other than this information, there isn't much else to offer from support as what you are looking to do must be done outside of YF.

Thank you,



Thanks for your reply!!

Do you have technical details on how your clients have setup the LDAP relay so we can setup and test on our end?

Please advise when you have a moment, thanks in advnance.

Moe D.
Hi Moe D.

Unfortunately we don't have those details. I'm sure this is something that your DBA can research (Google)
and test. Sorry that I am unable to provide you with any further information.