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Multi Tenancy – Different DB sturctures

We want to implement multi-tenancy in our environment but the DB structures are different across multiple clients. Does YF support multi tenancy with non-identical DB structures. FOr eg. DB1 points to client 1 and DB2 to Client 2 where DB1 and DB2 are 2 different data models?
We understand that the reports will have to be recreated for each client though.

Are you referring to the data source connections, or the Yellowfin database?
From what I understand you will be using client orgs, and have different connections to different databases for each client, which is fine.

The only thing you need to be wary of , is if you are using data source substitution.

The reason is, if you have a report built against 'View 1' , and then try running the same report against 'View 2', the definitions may not be valid if the DB structure is different (e.g. missing tables/columns).

Please let me know if I'm misunderstand exactly what you are trying to achieve.