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Month Name not working


I'd like to create a concatenated string made up of the month name a " - " and the year.
So the original date would be:
And I want the final to be:
May - 2015

I CAN get a view formula to work with:
Concat(Month(date), - ,Year(date))

But this returns a, 5, and not the month name of May. I've tried putting in MonthName function to replace the Month function, but its not being recognized.

I am using YF 7.1 on a Microsoft SQL database.

Help please.
Hi Angelo,

Apologies for the delayed reply! You can actually do this without the use of freehand SQL inside of the Yellowfin report builder by formatting your date field. Here is an example:

-I have a date field in my report listed as dd/MM/yyyy:

Forum image

-Format the column and click the drop down box next to Date Format. Select Other

Forum image

-You can then type in a desired format (In your case MMMM - yyyy).

Forum image

-Close out of column formatting, you will see that the date fields should be displayed in Month - Year format.

Forum image

Anyway, please let me know if this solution works for you. Have a great day!