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Missing Filter Values


I seem to be missing values in a filter list. In the report, I cannot find the value "Unknown".

Forum image

However, if I go into the advanced settings of filters, and bring up "Filter Values", I can find the "Unknown" value.

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Can you please investigate?
Also, I have tried the "Refresh Cached Filters" link in the report and it hasn't made a difference.
Don't worry I figured it out :)

Had to go into the Filter Formatting and entry style to add new value.
Hello Yaniv,

Glad that you were able to resolve your issue. Thank you for updating your post. I'm curious though in how
you were able to 'add' your new value in the Entry Style of Filter Formatting? We had another customer that had
a similar issue that you have described but the resolution wasn't the same as yours.

Best regards,