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Missing Calculated Column Values


In the screenshot of the report shown below, we have used Calculated total function as pointed, but no value is displayed in the table for the Calculated Total.

Forum image

But we are able to get the calculated total column data in the table using the Calculated Total Function as mentioned below in the screenshot; this is just for your reference.

Forum image

Kindly let me know if I�m missing any settings.

Thanks and regards,

Prateek Arora

Hi Prateek,

Thanks for the question.

In order to display the calculated total for a calculated field, all fields that are referenced in the calculated field need to be included in the report. You can then hide these fields after they have been included in the report.

The below forum post outlines this:

Calculated Total in Report not showing

Could you review this forum post and let us know if the information helps in your case? If not could you let us know a bit more about your calculated field (screenshots etc.) so that we can see what fields are being included?

I look forward to hearing back. Have a great day!

Kind Regards,