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Migrating Yellowfin Guide

Moving Yellowfin from one machine to another is extremely easy with a bit of planning. Here is a brief overview on the different methods you can use.

It is IMPORTANT to have backups, and suggested to keep both machines on the same version of Yellowfin.

When migrating Yellowfin from one machine to another, there are 3 things you need to think about:

1. Reports/Users/Source filtes etc.. (Stored in the Yellowfin Repository DB)
If you are planning on just copying/moving certain data sources/views/reports or dashboards, then we would suggest to use the Import/Export feature.

If you want to copy/move Yellowfin users,groups,configuration settings, source filters or role settings.
We would suggest you copy the entire Yellowfin Repository DB.

Moving or Copying the Yellowfin DB

2. Custom functions/icons/JSP's (Stored in the Yellowfin installation directory)
If you have custom analytic functions, or have used your own images/icons, you you would also need to copy the Yellowfin installation directory.

Moving the Yellowfin directory

3. Licence file
The licence details are stored within the Yellowfin Repository DB.
If the database has been moved or restored, the licence file will need to be uploaded again.
If the database has been restored on a different machine, a new licence file will need to be generated referencing the correct PC name.

You will need to email either [color="#0000FF"> [/color]or [color="#0000FF">[/color] for a new licence.

Please provide the old PC name so that it can be cancelled, and also the new PC name for the new licence.

If you recieve errors with any of the above steps, please email [color="#0000FF">[/color], providing as much informaiton as possible.

Also note, this information can be downloaded from the following migrating guide.