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Maximise report with embedded dashboard

When we have reports (which are mainly table grids) in a dashboard which we then embed within some our webpages, the grids look very small. Ideally we'd like to show around 30 records per report within the js embedded dashboard. Is there a way where we can "maximise" the report from its small version within the dashboard to larger version on the same page?
Obviously we can increase the height of the embedded dashboard itself, however better is a "maximise" like tool/icon as part of the report where users can than get a larger view of the data.
Has anyone done something similar?
Hello Guest,

Apologizes for the delay in responding to your query. We have not heard from other clients who have
implemented what you describe - the ability to maximize a report in an embedded dashboard. Other than
increasing the height of the embedded dashboard you could make use of Filtering, and this would be carried over into the embedded dashboard. This would allow end users to filter the reports and may
likely allow for a more presentable table.

Thank you very much,

We, too, would benefit from being able to have the report show up already maximized in the dashboard. Can this be an option?